We provide unique, high-quality solutions customized to the individual requirements of our customers.

Made in Germany

Specialized in industrial valves

We manufacture valves in uncompromising quality for six decades and develop customized solutions for all operating conditions.



Reachable as usual

Corona news

We are still available for you as usual. Of course we support the concepts "social distancing" and "stay home". Therefore our office staff work in the home office. In our production we have implemented three shifts ... read more →

Generation change in the management

Shake hands

Our long-standing managing director Jürgen Hengst has handed over his task to his successor Muhammed Karamahmut and retired. Muhammed Karamahmut is a Bachelor of Engineering and has been working in our company for several years. ... read more →

Heinrich Janssen celebrates his 90th birthday


Company founder Heinrich Janssen, who gave his name to our company with "JAnssens STahlgeschweißte Armaturen" in 1959, could now celebrate his 90th birthday. Even though he is no longer actively involved, he accompanies our work ... read more →

Successful trade-show appearance

Our stand at the trade-fair ALUMINIUM 2016 in Düsseldorf.

We finished a successful year 2016 with the participation in the trade-fair ALUMINIUM in Düsseldorf. We would like to thank our standing customers, partners and prospective customers, and all visitors to our stand for the ... read more →

Antique valves

Valves from the founding era of JASTA

While straightening up our shelves we found some valves from the founding years of our company. Body and disk are made from brass. Construction type like this has been used in the field of water ... read more →

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