Valves from the founding era of JASTAOccasionally we supply gasket sets for the mixing valves, which our founder Heinrich Janssen has made 50 years ago. It appears that “JAnssens STahlgeschweißte Armaturen” kept their promise of high quality standards.

When Heinrich Janssen founded JASTA-Armaturen in 1959 in a woodshed next to his parents’ house in Essen, he just passed his examination for the master craftsman’s certificate. What sounds like a romantic founding myth, was a bold move based on hard work, improvisation and perseverance in view of scarce resources.

Inventive genius meets the right moment

More than five decades in EssenIn the early 1960s the Ruhr region flourished as an industrial location and thus also the need for housing for the workers. JASTA satisfied the growing demand for mixing valves for heating systems. Heinrich Janssen did not want to solely react. With his fondness for experimenting and the will to innovate, he laid the foundation for the company, which still successfully cultivates these qualities: Janssen developed low maintenance valves that allowed a replacement of the gasket during operation. Thanks to this invention, heating systems could be maintained at significantly lower expenses. Subsequently JASTA grew rapidly and sold its valves throughout Europe and even as far as Asia.

Sound foundation for turbulent times

In 1967 JASTA needed more space, so Heinrich Janssen rented the mechanical maintenance department at the premisses of the former coal mine Levin in Essen-Dellwig. One year later he bought the 300 m² hall including 2500 m² site. Periodic reconstructions of factory buildings and acquisitions of adjacent sites followed. As the current CEO Jürgen Hengst joined JASTA in 1967 as a commercial trainee, the company had about a dozen employees, consisting of businessmen, technicians and metalworkers.

More than five decades in EssenAdverse business fluctuations and major economic crises JASTA encountered with the proven virtues innovation, flexibility and reliability. At times, the company even subsisted on contract work. At the same time the valves were constantly developed and adapted to new requirements, such as electrical and pneumatic actuation. Thereby JASTA succeeded in entering the market as an original equipment manufacturer for the industry.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Heinrich Janssen won his managing director Jürgen Hengst around to become an associate. The plant construction projects became more sophisticated and JASTA for the first time hired engineers. Sales representatives and partner companies began to distribute the customized valves in large diameters and for high temperatures to outside Europe.

History to be continued

At present JASTA develops as a modern medium-sized company following the tradition of its founder Heinrich Janssen. Reliable solutions are designed and assembled by an international staff at the continuously expanding site in Essen. Introducing new product lines, the company is prepared for the needs of the industries of the future.

Our history in square meters

Heinrich Janssen incorporates JASTA-Armaturen in a woodshed next to his parents’ house in Essen.

New location Levinstraße
At the premisses of the former colliery Levin in Essen-Dellwig Heinrich Janssen rents the 315 m² sized hall of the mechanical maintenance department.

Purchase of the estate Levinstraße
Acquisition of the hall and a 2500 m² sized estate at Levinstraße.

Construction of a residential building with office
Heinrich Janssen builds his apartment house with an office and a 700 m² sized production hall.

Acquisition of an adjacent site
JASTA purchases an adjoining estate sized 2500 m².

Construction of another hall
At the last purchased site a 300 m² sized production hall is built.

Further extension of capacity
A production hall of 560 m² is constructed.

New office building
At Levinstraße a new administration building sized 300 m² is erected.

Purchase of the plot at Haus-Horl-Straße
JASTA acquires an estate sized 9300 m² within walking distance to Levinstraße.

Additional production hall and office building
At Haus-Horl-Straße the construction of a 1500 m² sized hall and an office building of 300 m² starts.

Commissioning of the new site
Operations at the additional site at Haus-Horl-Straße begin.

Generation change in the management
Managing director Jürgen Hengst hands over his task to his successor Muhammed Karamahmut.