Range Foundries


Generally we produce weld-in valves for applications with an operating temperature up to 1100°C. Upon request we manufacture the EDR with plain flanges or thread … read more


The flange throttle valve type FLD-16 with flanges drilled according to DIN 1092-1 PN-6, PN-10 or PN-16, is installed in pipelines. This valve is characterized … read more


The valve type RA has a flange connection based on DIN 24193 T3, but other patterns of drilling are feasible on request. Depending on the … read more


The flange-throttle valve type LDK-4 is mounted between flanges according to DIN 24154 T2R2 in pipelines. The valve LDK-4 stands out due to its compact … read more


The throttle valve type LDK-1 is a lightweight valve in the fields of control technology and shut-off technology. They are clamped between flanges according to … read more


Depending on your application (temperature, element, pressure), we manufacture this valve from any material available on the market. Customized solutions regarding size, operation or element are … read more