Butterfly Valves (GD-6)

Our butterfly valves are made with centering gauges according to there pressure range. Due to the thickness of the ring material we can bring in stop bars or other optional sealing elements. Butterfly valves are usually clamped between flanges.


Depending on your application (temperature, element, pressure), we manufacture this valve from any material available on the market. Customized solutions regarding size, operation or element are possible upon request.

GD-6 - Standard Configuration
Sizes (DN) 15 – 2000 (up to 5000 possible as a custom order)
Type Clamp-in
Standards EN 1092-1, PN-6 / PN-10 / PN-16, ANSI B 16.5 - 150 lbs / 300 lbs / 400 lbs
Operating Temperatures -100 to +1100°C
Operation options
  •  With free shaft-ends
  •  Manual operation with a grid handle with locking mechanism
  •  Continuously variable fine adjustment
  •  A corresponding shaft adaption with the DIN ISO 5211 mounting kit
  •  With an attached actuator (pneumatic, electric or hydraulic)
GD-6 - Closing Types and Impermeability Classes
Swing Through 99% impermeability compared to fully opened disk
With a Stop Bar in the Body 99,5% to 99,8% impermeability compared to fully opened disk
With a Stop Bar and Gasket 99,95% to 99,98% impermeability compared to fully opened disk
Sealing Air Up to 100% impermeability

More Information

JASTA Valve GD-6 / Product Brochure PDF File



  • BÜTTNER Gesellschaft für Trocknungs- und Umwelttechnik mbH, Krefeld
  • Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH, Gelsenkirchen
  • Riedhammer GmbH, Nürnberg