Weld-in Valves (EDR)

The EDR valves are welded into the pipe to control the volume flow rate. They can prove advantageous in the chemical industry, because at a welded joint no toxic or other critical mediums can escape.


Generally we produce weld-in valves for applications with an operating temperature up to 1100°C. Upon request we manufacture the EDR with plain flanges or thread ends measured in inches.

EDR - Standard Configuration
Sizes (DN) 17,3 - 533 (up to 2000 possible as a custom order)
Type Weld-in valve
Standards -
Operating Temperatures -100°C up to +1100°C
Operation options
  • With free shaft-ends
  • Manual operation with a grid handle with locking mechanism
  • Continuously variable fine adjustment
  • A corresponding shaft adaption with the DIN ISO 5211 mounting kit
  • With an attached actuator (pneumatic, electric or hydraulic)
EDR - Closing Types and Impermeability Classes
Swing Through 99% impermeability compared to fully opened disk
With a Stop Bar in the Body 99,5% impermeability compared to fully opened disk
With a Stop Bar and Gasket 99,95% impermeability compared to fully opened disk
Sealing Air Up to 100% impermeability

More Information

JASTA Valve EDR / Product Brochure PDF File



  • KELLER HCW GmbH, Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck
  • Claudius Peters Projects GmbH, Buxtehude
  • VENTAPP GmbH, Kempen
  • Wiedemann Industriebrenner GmbH, Stockach / Raithaslach